The Sphinx

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The Sphinx

One of the oldest and largest sculptures in the world is the Great Sphinx of Egypt. It measures about 260 feet long and 20-feet wide, and it's taller than a six-story building. Chiseled from a limestone outcropping more than 4,000 years ago, it is the biggest statue in the world carved from a single stone. Over the years, the great statue has been weathered, buried in sand, and damaged.

The Greeks and Romans restored parts of the breast and paws, but the beard and one-meter-wide nose have been missing for centuries. It was believed for many years that the Sphinx lost its nose when Napoleon’s army invaded the area, but this turned out to be false. In a record from the 15th century, a historian credits a “Sufi fanatic” in the 14th century with removing the nose from the Sphinx after he saw Egyptian peasants making sacrifices to the Sphinx in the hopes of increasing their crops.

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